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in continuation of this  

Just to say I'm still alive)) There are already 23 pages without painting. I am working. Slowly, but it's moving.
Here are 3d heads for Mikey and Donnie.  It somehow looks like Donnie has the most humanized facial features of all my models.
Oh yeah! And there's a version of a frame with children at the top right.
I plan a few flashbacks)   
And thank you for your comments on the previous pic! :happybounce: 

in continuation of this one

It's about how I'm working on it and what I'm using.
To make the characters different and recognizable in all angles I've made rough head objects in Sculptris. So if I have difficulties with the perspective, I can always open the object and rotate it as I want.
Damn! why I have not done this before? So convenient! 
And for sketching locations in 3d I use SketchUp. It does not solve all the problems but saves a lot of time for the environment and camera angles.
It can be a big cheat. But Hey! it's just a fan project. And according to my idea, it's already quite big for one.
Firstly, I did not have a good time.
I had problems finding a job and all that. I just did not want to draw.
And time has shown that my idea with the comics about Image version of TMNT was not interesting for anyone I know.
So I kind of forgot about it.
At the same time, my HC drawings are still getting the likes and even comments.
So when my things went well, I continued to think about what places the characters could get in my "perfect picture" and came to the idea of drawing one short complete story with my alternate versions of the characters.
I moved from Sai to Manga Studio and started trying just because it was interesting for me.

And now I came here to ask. Would you be interested to see the story of my version of the characters?
Where April will be an adult, Raph will hate people because of his alternative origin and the Splinter will actually be a former Foot clan ninja who actually killed people in the past.
Please tell me what you think! Any comment makes me do something at least!

About how it's creating
OK. And now I'm very, very angry.
Especially about Leo. Because What the actual f***?! What's wrong with those who did the character design?! What is wrong with those who had to think about the development of the characters?
Just think about all the lost potential! 
What do we hear when other characters talk about Maximus Kong? King of the North. Chief warrior of the desert. Someone who leads a lot of gangs. Someone who has a lot of resources and reputation.
This does not mean that he is necessarily pure evil. Anyway, in such a setting, any settlement is an armed gang. Otherwise they will be exterminated just like Mira`s meerkat tribe.
But this all definitely characterizes this character as a strong, purposeful person who is able to achieve the goal. In difference from other brothers who simply traveled through the desert without any goals.
And even caricature villains in "Mad Max" films were quite charismatic and smart enough to control a lot of people. They had their own kind of ideology for society.
It was an amazing opportunity to create an unexpected enemy. Really terrible and dangerous, but not only with brute force but also with the mind, strategy.
With motivation! Perhaps even all the conquests and the search for an oasis is for the greater good! For the rebirth of a new world! The hero can not completely turn into a monster!
With details! What about his helmet? What did he hide from his followers? (I do not think that an awful design. A lot of characters in this episode has a terrible design. He is not alone)) Or maybe from himself?
Maybe from hiding his face so as not to remember who he was once? To be a completely different person? You know, all these crazy psychological things)
It was supposed to be Armageddon! It was supposed to be the most dangerous enemy of the series, which could not be fooled or taken by force.
It was supposed to be Batman's Bane!
But instead they gave us 5 minutes of screen time and the f***ing Master Blaster!
There were so many opportunities! Just what's wrong with people who did this ?!
АААА Блин! Не дотерпела до выхода. Понеслось. 
ВАРНИНГ: Рисовано ДО выхода самих серий. 

OMG Guys! I just can`t wait!
What do you think about the last promo? Isn`t it crazy?
I'm so excited I just couldn`t wait for the series to come out Before go sketching)))))
Mutant apocalypse is already something amazing because it made a lot of fans feel a shock.


Vika Ovchinnikova
Favourite style of art: manga


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